[slide-left]Our development philosophy targets upper-income renters in major metropolitan markets. By developing Class A and B communities with leading-edge amenities, we provide residents an unmatched residential environment, investors with above-industry-average returns and the local community with a quality development that will endure over time. White-Conlee is extremely environmentally conscious and always makes every effort to preserve the native aspects of our development sites. White-Conlee has traditionally been a builder with flexible development structures. Developments are financed with traditional bank debt combined with a joint venture partner — normally a large institution, individual or landowner. In addition to joint venture structures, White-Conlee finances many projects through forward commitments from highly rated insurance companies. Our experienced management team, combined with above-industry-average yields, allows White-Conlee to access equity and debt from the largest and most sophisticated sources in the industry.[/slide-left]

Design Build Services

[slide-right]White-Conlee's’ Design-Construct is a “turn-key” solution that provides our clients with new apartment communities at wholesale prices. Our vertically integrated organizational structure allows us to effectively manage every aspect of development and construction for our clients, who in turn acquire new apartments designed with their own ideas and preferences for location and unit mix. Given the extreme competition for quality assets as a result of mass marketing efforts by the national brokerage companies, Design-Construct communities are one of the best ways for investors to acquire communities offering higher yields.[/slide-right]

General Contracting

[slide-left]General Contracting is a pillar of White-Conlee's business. Chief Construction Officer Tom Conlee leads a skilled, professional and highly experienced team of project managers, superintendents, assistants and bookkeepers who take a “hands on” approach and totally immerse themselves in every project. While most contractors focus solely on construction economics, White-Conlee's dual role as contractor and developer provides us and our clients with a distinct, competitive advantage, as we think in terms of total project economics from start to finish.[/slide-left]

Value Add Investment

[slide-right]White-Conlee actively seeks multifamily value-add investments by purchasing assets with deferred maintenance in superior locations. We achieve our value by renovating and repositioning the asset. Value-add investments must have a substantial construction component for us to achieve a competitive advantage on the market. While no rehab is beyond our construction capabilities, superior location is critical to obtain value through renovation and very few properties actually have a location that justifies a heavy renovation. White-Conlee purchases value-add investments only with joint venture partners, with a 1 to 5 year investment period.[/slide-right]

[slide-left]With veteran leadership provided by John White and Thomas Conlee, the company understands the value of delivering beyond expectations and earning the trust of investors, clients, lenders and residents. The principals have been involved in the development of many thousands of units creating a vast knowledge that allows White-Conlee the ability to handle the most complicated construction and development issues. In today’s multifamily market, success is predicated on a focused strategy, in-depth market knowledge and the ability to proficiently execute development and construction in spite of turbulent material pricing and unpredictable capital markets. White-Conlee's mission is to provide partners and clients with exceptional service to complete successful developments with as little risk and hassle as possible while maximizing absolute value. Integrity and service to the client are the benchmarks of the business. Decisions and actions will always reflect the best interest of the client, partner and resident.[/slide-left]

Current Projects